Blue Mind

This is your brain on water. 

This post was inspired by Wallace J. Nichols' book, Blue Mind, which I'm currently reading. "Blue Mind," he says," is a mildly meditative state characterized by calm peacefulness, unity and a general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment." Or, as I (and so many other surfers) like to call it, "saltwater therapy".

I actually shot this photo as part of a series in 2014 with that same idea in mind; to convey the feeling of peacefulness that I get while sitting out in the open ocean on my board. Sometimes sitting and waiting for the next set can be just as amazing as riding the waves. As they say, only a surfer knows the feeling...

This image was featured on Salt & Water Magazine's Daily Journal and Instagram page:

August in Oregon

Here it is October and I'm just getting around to posting some pics from my trip to Oregon in August. I have to thank my in-laws for giving my husband and I an excuse to see this amazing state! Given our close proximity in neighboring CA, they invited us to join them, while checking another adventure off their bucket list. Visiting Cannon Beach, I fell in love with the town and the rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest. With it's quaint charm and post-card views, it's no wonder National Geographic named it "One of the World's 100 Most Beautiful Places". At Ecola State Park, a long winding drive through a gorgeous, lush green forest led us to the secluded sandy shores of Indian Beach (shown here). Quite a hidden gem! From here we hiked up a six-mile segment of the Oregon Coast Trail, which meandered through the rain-forest with breathtaking ocean views around every corner. Take a peek... 

Surfers brave the chilly ocean at Indian Beach, water temp: 52! Sure beats SoCal's crowded lineups!

Malibu Farm

"Fresh. Organic. Local." That's the motto at Malibu Farm, the newest farm-to-table cafe ideally located at the end of the Malibu Pier, overlooking world-famous Surfrider Beach. With it's beachy vibe, delicious food, and amazing views, it's by far my new favorite post-surf grub spot. And if there's one thing I love almost as much as surfing, it's food! So naturally, when ImageBrief sent out a request for images for Orange Coast Magazine, I jumped at the chance to shoot these photos. 

This image was shortlisted.

View from the rooftop deck. 

Oh, you want to see the food! Yes, this table could use a nice big plate of enticing food. It would certainly make for a much better photo! 

Love the rustic, beachy interior! 

Big Wednesday

Last Wednesday Hurricane Marie served up a massive swell here in SoCal. Everyone and their mother (myself included) flocked to Newport Beach to witness the monster waves at the Wedge. Surfline's 6:30am report called it 20-25 ft. and EPIC!! By the time I got there it was more like 10-15 ft., but even so, it didn't disappoint. Hundreds of spectators lined the beach, along with news crews and choppers circling above. Unfortunately, I didn't get the "money shot" I was hoping for (kicking myself for not renting a bigger lens!), but it was still worth the trip. Looks like this guy was after it too. 

Newport Beach shore pounder, looking a lot like the North Shore of Hawaii. 

The Wedge, firing!

The Wedge, firing!

No shortage of crowds.

No shortage of crowds.

Traffic was backed up for miles, so I parked my car and rented a bike. Guess I wasn't the only one with that idea! (iPhone snap)

Traffic was backed up for miles, so I parked my car and rented a bike. Guess I wasn't the only one with that idea! (iPhone snap)

Venice Pier

Cross-stepping 101: the ultimate goal is to walk your way to the nose of the longboard and hang ten, gracefully. Unfortunately, my recent attempt was not so graceful...I ended up with a sprained ankle. And, well...that's why I'm shooting photos rather than surfing. This guy makes it look so simple, he's obviously more skilled than me! Sure is hard to stay outta the water with an injury when the waves look this fun!